Hello, my name is John Carroll, and I'm about to introduce you to an industry that's virtually unknown to most people. If you are tired of all the "get-rich-quick" scams and schemes out there, and would like to earn an honest, full or part-time income doing simple digital photography jobs in your local area, this opportunity may be for you!

Our industry provides specialized services to major lending, leasing and insurance companies nationwide. There is currently an extreme nationwide shortage of individuals to perform these services on a local level. If you are dependable, own a 2 mega pixel or greater digital camera, and have a computer with internet access, I have 100+ NATIONAL COMPANIES that would love to hear from you right now!

  About This Industry...

National lending, leasing and insurance institutions have vested interests in homes, cars, commercial property, businesses, trucks, RVs, boats, or any entity requiring financing or insurance. These institutions need to have continuously updated and accurate information on the condition of this property. It is simply not cost effective for them to have their own "reps" in every single town (zip code) in the United States. So, these institutions sub-contract out this work to freelance "reps" (like you) all over the country.

Since most financing, insurance policies, mortgages, leases, etc. are now completed online, or via 800 telephone numbers, the need for these institutions to maintain "brick and mortar" offices and high salaried "company reps" on a local basis has decreased dramatically. This is where our industry comes in! You will effectively become a representative for 100's of national companies who need not only "pre-sale" information, but constantly updated "property condition" photos and reports as well.

For example: If someone from your hometown goes online and applies for a home loan from a national mortgage company in New York, Atlanta or Los Angeles. This mortgage company may require some digital photos and a few measurements of the property before processing the loan. It is simply not cost effective for them to fly someone to your hometown for this 15 minute photography and measuring job. This is where you'd come in. Are you starting to see the potential here? Thanks to internet and 1-800 companies, there is already an extreme shortage of local "reps" nationwide, and the need is growing exponentially. These companies will be happy to hear from you once you are ready to accept assignments.

To put all of this in perspective, just try to imagine ALL of the people in YOUR LOCAL AREA who are getting loans, leases or purchasing insurance ONLINE in a just one week's time. Very few people actually visit a "local" insurance, mortgage or loan company nowadays. However, someone still has to gather the photos and other information that these ONLINE companies REQUIRE in order to complete these transactions. Once again, this is where you come in! Are you starting to see how this all works, and why our services are so necessary?

This simple, but specialized work can be done by men, women, students, seniors, retirees, etc.. There is no cold calling, soliciting for work, or strange people coming to your home. There is no expensive photography equipment or special software needed. You do not have to lease an office or building. You can work right from your own home.

The 100+ NATIONAL COMPANIES (and growing) that I will introduce you to are actively seeking honest, reliable individuals in EVERY zip code in the United States (43,000 US zip codes). You can cover as many zip codes and work for as many companies as you can responsibly handle. These companies are NOT the actual lending, leasing and insurance institutions. These companies are contracted by these major institutions to gather the information (photos, reports, etc.) that they require. The more zip codes that each of these companies can cover, the more valuable they become to their clients.

You will be paid well to obtain this information. People just like you are getting paid $25, $50, and even $100 each for these simple photography jobs and filling out the accompanying reports (mostly online). It takes only 5 -15 minutes to complete each assignment. Some reps are doing 10+ assignments daily.

  Multiple Income Opportunities
Taking simple digital photographs and filling out forms is only one type of services that our "reps" perform for banking and insurance companies on a daily basis. My manual will introduce you to 12 additional, badly needed services (not all are photography related) that these institutions will pay you handsomely to perform. You are free to pick and choose the services that you are willing to perform. You will not find this kind of money making, "insider" information anywhere else.

Just look at your surrounding area! Count all of the businesses, cars, boats, planes, RVs, buildings, homes, heavy equipment, etc. that are financed, leased and insured through national companies. There just aren't enough independent "reps" out there to meet the demand. I have put together a simple, information packed, 36 page Business Start-Up Manual that will provide you with the step-by-step instructions and necessary industry resources that you'll need to get started.

There are no educational or work history requirements. However, you must be at least 18 or older and possess basic computer and photographic skills (take snapshots per instructions). You should also know how to upload photos from your digital camera to your PC and attach these photos to emails. Your photos will be emailed to the companies that request them.

Equipment: You will need access to an inexpensive digital camera with at least 2 mega pixel of resolution and flash for cloudy days, interiors or evenings (no cell phone cameras), a phone (cell phone preferably, but not required), a PC or MAC with internet access, tape measure, and a clip board. That's about it.

  John, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your help and information. As a single mom and student, this is the easiest work that I've ever done. I am currently working for 3 great companies, and it is wonderful to be able to spend more time with my daughter and schedule my assignments around my busy life. Thank you so much! Susan D. CT
  Hi John, I spent the first year of my retirement extremely bored, depressed and just barely getting by financially. I had over 10 of your companies contact me within a week of purchasing your manual. I am now working a couple of hours a day and earning almost as much as my retirement check. I am enjoying life again. This has been a true blessing. All the best, James L. MI
  Hey John, Just wanted to thank you and let know that I will be graduating this year. I purchased your manual back in 2004. I have literally paid my way through college with your information. I now work for 2 companies and plan to do this full time once I graduate. By the way, if you are in Texas this spring, you are definitely invited to my graduation! Thanks for everything! Steven C. TX
  John, I just wanted to thank you for the help you gave me after I purchased your manual. I am now busy doing assignments for 2 of your companies. It is nice to meet an honest person with all of the scammers out there. Please feel free to post this email and my photo on your website. Thanks again, Sherry T. FL

Q: What skills do I need to enter this field?

A: All you need are basic computer and photography skills.

Q: Do I have to go through any job "interviews" to work for these companies?

A: No. You will probably never actually meet anyone face-to-face from the companies that you will be working for. For instance; you may live in Arizona, but will be working for companies based in New York, Georgia and California. You'll receive your assignments via phone or email.

Q: How do I get assignments once I have finished your training manual?

A: I provide you with the names, websites and contact information for over 100 national firms that have a constant and growing need for trained "reps" throughout the US. These firm's clients include 1000's of banking, leasing and insurance institutions. Once you have completed my manual, I will also show you the proper way to contact them and let them know that you are ready to start accepting assignments.

Q: I have never done this before, how will I know what to do?

A: Don't worry, these companies are used to working with "newbies". When they give you assignments, they will tell you exactly what the need for you to do. Remember, you are an ASSET to them. They need you to service their clients. All of the companies in my manual have proven to be pleasant to work with. If I get any complaints, I'll remove them from my resource list.

Q: How often is your contact list updated?

A: I update it annually, or when new information dictates an update. It was last updated on 1-1-2017 and now includes over 100 (and growing) nationwide firms needing immediate help nationwide. Past purchasers can get the latest updates by simply emailing me.

Q: Is there anything else that I will have to purchase besides your manual?

A: There are no "add-on" or "back-end" products or scams here! My manual contains everything that you'll need to get started immediately. You also receive 12 sample forms used by these companies on actual assignments.

Q: Is this just another scam to get my money?

A: Trust me, I don't get rich selling my manuals. I make my living working in the industry. You are getting years of "insider" information that you can't find anywhere else.

Q: How hard is it to get started?

A: After you complete the manual, you will simply contact these companies (per my instructions) with the types of assignments that you are willing to accept, and the areas that you are willing to service . As you will discover, these companies constantly need new "reps" and will be happy to hear from you.

Q: How soon can I start making money?

A: Many people start receiving assignments immediately after submitting their information to the companies. However, in most cases, I would allow to 7 -14 days to be placed in their systems and begin receiving assignments. You will normally be paid by check for all assignments that you have completed on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis, depending on the companies you are working for.

Q: What equipment will I need to get started?

A: To get started you will a home or cell phone, computer, measuring tape, and a basic digital camera (2 mega pixel or above w/flash), clipboard, notepad, pens. You must also have the ability to upload your photos to your computer so that you can email them to the companies.

Q: Do I have to get dressed up for assignments?

A: No. Most types of assignments require little or no contact with others. Blue jeans, sneakers and a polo/golf type shirt are perfectly acceptable.

Q: Will your program work in countries other than the US?

A: Although all of the resources currently found in my manual are US based, this opportunity also exists in Canada, Europe & Australia. You will learn how to easily research companies needing these services in your area once you complete my manual.

Q: Am I limited to assignments my home town?

A: No. You can also service your surrounding counties/towns/zip codes. You are not limited as to where you can accept assignments as long as you can complete your assignments in a timely manner. You are usually given 3-5 business days to complete each assignment. Rush jobs pay extra!

Q: What if I have questions after I purchase your program?

A: I truly want you to be happy and successful in this industry. You will receive unlimited email support. I normally answer emailed questions within 24 hours. Usually much faster.

Q: How long will it take for me to receive my purchase?

A: You will receive a download link for your Business Start-Up Manual, Sample Forms, and Bonus Manuals immediately after your payment is made. They are in .PDF format and you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them. This is already installed on most computers, or you can easily download it for free from the link at the bottom of the page.

  The Manual
My constantly updated start-up manual "Make $$$ Taking Local Photos" contains many years of actual industry contacts and resources, and it will show you step-by-step how to get started in this huge, but virtually unknown services industry.

"Finally, a genuine photographic opportunity that is truly in demand...no matter where you live!"

"John's step-by-step guide is so simple a third grader could follow it...the industry resources are priceless!"

"If you are tired of "get-rich-quick" scams and want to earn a great income with your camera...you need this information!"

"If you love photography, and have been searching for an easy way to earn some REAL money with your camera...this is it!"

*This manual is in .PDF format for immediate download.

  Special Bonus I
For a limited time, I will also be including my all new "HOMETOWN FREELANCING" manual. It includes 10 easy, additional ways that real people are making money with their digital cameras! Some great ideas in here! This info-packed manual alone is worth what I am charging for my entire package!
  • The Ebay Goldmine!
  • Hometown Ad Agency!
  • Simple Portraits for Profit!
  • Stock Photography Secrets!
  • Real Estate Photography Business!
  • Boudoir Photography Secrets!
  • Profitable Child Photography!
  • The Roving Photographer!
  • Sell Your Photos As Art!
  • Freelance Photojournalism!
  • Additional Resources & More!

      *This manual is in .PDF format for immediate download.

  Special Bonus II
  Special Bonus II
Learn how to earn a nice "residual" (retirement!) income by submitting "everyday" digital photos that you probably already have collecting dust on your hard drive! Make money from EACH photo submitted, over and over again, for many years to come! My new "Stock Photography Secrets Exposed" will show you how!
  • Getting Started In Digital Stock Photography!
  • The "Sure Fire" Images That Always Sell!
  • The Most Popular (And Profitable) Subjects On Digital Stock Photo Websites!
  • Methods of Digital Stock Photo Income!
  • Insider Picture Submission Techniques!
  • Getting 100% Of Your Pictures Accepted!
  • Increasing Your Images' Visibility & Profits!
  • Where to Sell Your Photos for FAST CASH!
  • Additional Resources & Much More!

*Manuals similar to this are selling online for up to $60 and
 DO NOT contain all of the PROVEN, TESTED & HIGHLY PROFITABLE techniques included in my new "Stock Photography Secrets Exposed!" It's FREE!

      *This manual is in .PDF format for immediate download.

  100% Risk-Free Guarantee!
My guarantee is very simple. I am so confident that this opportunity will work for you, no matter where you live, that I will give you 8 FULL WEEKS to study all of the materials and contact the companies in my manual. If you are not receiving paying assignments in your local area by the end of that period, I will promptly refund your full purchase price - and my bonus manuals are yours to keep regardless!
  Get Started Immediately!
If you are ready to start earning a real income with your digital camera, please click on the "Download Now" button below, and for only $37 you'll receive IMMEDIATE ACCESS to my Business Start-Up Manual, Bonus Manuals and Sample Forms. My Start-Up Manual contains all of the information, contacts and other resources you'll need to get started immediately in our "virtually unknown" industry!


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